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About Us

Cloud Deployments


  • Develop a review of cloud vendor capabilities to determine the ability to deliver.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of cloud deployment methodologies.
  • Provide detailed reports and expert witness testimony about cloud-based applications.
  • Determine the performance characteristics of cloud-enabled systems and the design approach.
  • Assist and support outside expert witnesses to ensure their arguments are as persuasive and defensible as possible.
  • Determine the effectiveness of cloud deployments and suitability of design methodology.

Software Architecture


  • Analyze application systems software source code review and determine program effectiveness.
  • Review system support documentation to analyze viability for use.
  • Prepare software analysis of testing modules, script development and  systems functionality.
  • Prepare architecture documentation that represents data flows, domains and interfaces between modules.
  • Interpret technical manuals to determine system dependability for enterprise performance.
  • Evaluate functional specific actions and provide review of software application.
  • Develop professional expert reports summarizing findings.

Software Deployments


  • Software systems analysis, ERP systems, database systems, EMR, eCommerce,  Web and EDI processing systems.
  • Enterprise software deployments, breach of contract, service level agreement analysis, master service agreement reviews.
  • Software contract review, project management analysis to determine methodology, test case reviews, bug report reviews.
  • Prepare detailed expert reports, litigation or arbitration proceedings preparation, and vendor competency review.
  • Application  program interfaces (API's), interoperability review with systems components, vendor lock-out.